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Puppy Training

How we nurture & train our little puppies 

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bernedoodle puppy
We use a program called ENS at 2 days of age. Early Neurological Stimulation, is a process of lying each puppy in different positions and stimulating the puppies.
ENS is done for 2 consecutive weeks starting 3 days after the puppies are born.

The process consists of 5 simple and harmless exercises, which are: tactile stimulation, lying in the supine position, held with head held up, tilted upside down, and thermal stimulation. Each exercise is done for 3-5 seconds the entire process takes about 30 seconds.

Tactile stimulation is done by gently tickling or touching in between each of the pup’s toes with a Q-tip.


The supine position is achieved by holding the pup in both hands belly up (some pups squirm in this position so a solid but gentle two handed hold is necessary).


To hold the pup with head up simply hold the pup in both hands so that the tail is pointed to the ground and the head is above the tail towards the ceiling.


From the Head held up position tilt the pup over and hold so the head is towards the ground and the tail is towards the ceiling.


We use a damp cool towel for the thermal stimulation. We lay the pup right side up with its belly on the damp cool towel.


We see a great improvement with the puppies as far as their immune systems and tolerances.  

We are always introducing different noises and smells. My goal is to provide you and your family with a puppy that is ready for anything.

They will get used to all of the normal, but crazy household noises of a busy family with children and lots of activities. 


If I notice that one of our puppies seem nervous or hesitant about something, a certain noise, situation, I make sure to comfort them and also put them in that uncomfortable situation until they overcome that fear or bit of anxiety. 

Potty Training

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We start working on potty training by 4 weeks of age. If we are working with a summer litter, we teach the puppies to use a dog door and to go outside to potty.

If we are working with a winter litter, we start training in a litter box.

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Puppy Play yard

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It’s amazing how quickly they learn. We love introducing new toys, for this I use a lot of baby toys that make different sounds and play music. Again this is a huge benefit of just getting them use to all kinds of changes.  


We have a really fun puppy play yard, the puppies have access to a toddler slide, disc swing, hanging toys, a tunnel to run through and artificial grass to potty and stay clean.


The puppies also have small puppy blankets that are switched out daily for washing but these become the scent blankets that we send home to you in your puppy care bag.


The scent blanket will help comfort your puppy when you bring it home.

Crate Introduction

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As the puppies mature we will start giving them access to a few crates, one of the things we commonly see is several puppies pile up and sleep in 1 crate. It’s absolutely precious, they love being side by side with siblings. We do start to do small increments of individual crate time by 7 weeks of age.


I never advertise that a puppy is completely crate trained. At this age it’s still very important that they are sleeping and bonding with siblings. 

Preparing puppies for a home life

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little boys with a black and white puppy

All of these things that I have mentioned lead us to a wonderful program called Puppy Culture that is our basis on building these stable puppies for your family. 

My boys are now ages 13 and 10, they handle puppies and are constantly waiting on the puppies to get to the age that they will chase and play ball.


The boys help a lot and are very involved. They do get the fun part of taking the puppies outside and playing while I do the cleaning and sanitizing but honestly it’s a huge help.


It really prepares the puppies for households with children. I do believe it’s very important to teach the kids the correct way to handle a puppy and also know when the puppy needs a break

Interested in our Puppy Preschool Program?

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With preschool, our goal is to make your home and getting a new puppy a stress-free, simple, and easy experience..more info >


We had great communication with the breeder throughout the whole process and even after a few years she will still respond with any questions.

bernedoodle puppy laying on green grass

Our standard Bernedoodle has been the best decision. We live in Florida and we flew to Ohio to pick her up. We are experienced dog owners and she has been by far the best dog we have ever owned.


Everyone LOVES her even people who don’t care for dogs will often tell us how perfect she is. She’s kind, so smart, very sweet, amazing with kids and potty training was a breeze.


We had great communication with the breeder throughout the whole process and even after a few years she will still respond with any questions. She’s so knowledgeable and so helpful. Since we have adopted our puppy I’ve recommended 2 other friends who are equally happy with their puppies.


I’ve met MANY bernedoodles and so far the ones from Red Barn have had the best personalities. I would recommend Red Barn Bernese to any family or friend without hesitation.

Satia Johnston via Google Reviews

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