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May your puppy adventure begin

How to buy a puppy from us

We're excited that our puppy will be joining your family

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Thank you for your interest in our puppies, we want this adventure to be exciting, yet simple for you.

View our contract to make sure you're comfortable to buy puppy from Red Barn Bernese and view our Health Guarantee.

Pricing inquiry? Please call 937-570-7166

Start here

Fill out our short questionnaire to help us understand what you're looking for. We will get back with you within 48 hours.

After we chat and you're ready to proceed, we request a deposit of $200 via Venmo or PayPal.

Reach out

$200 deposit
is due to reserve your puppy

Your balance is due in cash at 
puppy pick up

If you need to arrange a different type of payment, this must be done before the pick up day to allow processing time.

NO check or cashier’s check will be accepted

We accept payment via PayPal, Venmo and Zelle

You can see weekly updates, pictures and videos of puppies on Facebook and Instagram. Please follow us to stay connected and see your puppy's progress.

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Get updates

If travel is needed, we'll discuss Pick-up arrangements as quickly as possible. 

We have many out-of-state families who bought puppies from us.

We're happy to help both local and out-of-state familes with pick-up arrangements.

Pick up

Airport Pick up

I am always open to meeting at the following airports for no charge if a family wants to fly in and take their new puppy home on their lap. Airlines do require the puppy to be in a soft sided carrier, that the family will need to bring with them.  I will have the health certificate for you to show the airline. 


Columbus Ohio, CMH 

Dayton Ohio, Dayton International Airport, DAY

Indianapolis Indiana, IND

Flight Nanny

I will personally be your flight nanny and bring your puppy to your closest airport. The price varies based on location and these arrangements are best made early if possible.


I prefer this method other than hiring a transporter. Just to be sure the puppy isn’t exposed to anything and I can continue to care for your baby until I place him in your hands. It’s a wonderful peace of mind. 

You will receive a puppy starter bag that includes: 

  • Several chew items

  • A scent blanket that smells like mom and siblings 

  • Ball

  • Toy

  • A folder with a “What to expect, puppy stages” 

  • Vaccine Schedule 

  • Vaccine record

  • Health Guarantee 

  • Receipt for Payment 

A Puppy Starter Bag

We absolutely love when families can come to our home. We would love for you to meet our family and dog crew in person. But I understand when that’s just not an option. Ideally I like to set a week time frame for the puppies to go to new families.

Meet the puppy

I understand that with work schedules and things it can get complicated so we always open a full week up to trying to accommodate you, if we can help by meeting you, within a hour or two we are happy to.


I also have some ground transportation available if flying is not an option. Prices for ground transportation are quoted after we discuss location ( miles) and other details.  


If it’s not an option for you to pick up on our designated week you can enroll your puppy in our puppy preschool (spaces are limited). 


When we were looking for puppy we came across Red Barn Bernese and I am so thankful we did.

black and white bernedoodle dog

Would I get another puppy from Red Barn? 1000% yes.


Kerry was the absolute best to work with. She was responsive for every question, had great training ideas and we have kept in touch even 4 years later. I have recommended many people to Red Barn over the years.


Our Parker (BernieDoodle) is 4 hearts old now and we couldn’t love him anymore. He is truly a member of our family. He is so loving, smart, great with kids and has the best behavior for any dog I have been around.

- Todd Kubli via Google Reviews

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