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Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly questions we often get asked.

Puppy Pricing

How much are your puppies?

Bernedoodles: we produce a wide range of sizes and colors of Bernedoodles. Please contact us for pricing at 937-570-7166.

Bernese Mountain Dogs: please contact us for pricing at 937-570-7166.

Full AKC registration

is available for approved breeders, please give us a call at 937-570-7166 to discuss so we can learn about your program.


We're from out-of-state, do you sell to families outside Ohio?

Absolutely! We have sold to many families outside the state of Ohio. Our puppies are spreading love across the country. We can arrange pickup with you to accommodate. See different pick up options here.

What to buy for puppies

Do you have a list of products that you recommend for our puppy?

Yes! We put together a list here for you from the type of food that we use, puppy probiotic, dog bed, brush and more. See the list here.

Puppy Training

What kind of puppy training do you provide?

We use a program called ENS at 2 days of age. Early Neurological Stimulation, is a process of lying each puppy in different positions and stimulating the puppies. You can find more info about our puppy training on this page.

Puppy Preschool

What is a puppy preschool?

Puppy preschool is a great way to get your puppy’s off to a great start. Of course it’s not always perfect timing for picking up your new puppy because of busy schedules, or possibly a vacation....more info


How much do I feed and how many times a day? 

I don’t limit a puppy on amount of food. I think it is important to keep them on a feeding schedule for potty training but they shouldn’t be limited on the amount. So fill the bowl up and allow them access for 30-45 minutes. They are growing, running and playing, burning all kinds of calories. Don’t worry about measuring until they are an adult and you need to maintain a healthy weight. The timing of when they eat needs to fit your family’s schedule. So if you work outside of the home the puppy needs to be fed at least 1 hour before leaving for work so he or she has time to potty outside before you leave. The same with an evening feeding make sure the puppy is fed and still has several hours of playtime and being outside before going to bed. Hopefully this will help eliminate multiple trips out through the night.

Crate Training

Should we crate train at night and when we leave for work? 

For me this is a huge NO. 

Crate training is great but it’s definitely too much for a puppy to be in a crate all night and all day for a normal 8 hour work day.


I recommend a playpen area while you’re gone at work. A playpen is also great for when you have dinner plans or just gone for a few hours of errands.


This gives the puppy a place to move around, play, have a Kong or chew item but also keeps him or her safe and your furniture safe until you can trust your new puppy. 

How to deal with nipping & biting

People constantly are underprepared for the crazy nipping and biting stage all puppies go through. This is their teething stage. This is a tough stage to get through, but you really need to have multiple chew items to keep them busy and switch things out all the time. So your best plan of action is to make a trip to the store and buy a Kong, several different bags of chew items, pigs ears, cow ears, hooves. Puppies are just like toddlers they get bored easy and need to have lots of options. So if you give your puppy a pigs ear and they don’t finish it, pick it up and put it in a zip lock bag for the next day, and get out a  cow hoof. These last a long time and are filled with peanut butter or a spray cheese and frozen for the puppy. The idea is just to be prepared and constantly switch things up to help the puppy get through this stage without you getting aggravated. A Kong is a life saver, it’s really great to have 2 on hand and always fill them with different things and freeze them. Use these while you’re gone at work or running errands.  I have a wonderful post on our Facebook page that gives you tons of ideas for filling the Kongs and keeping your puppy interested.  I think one of the best things you can teach a puppy is to play ball. This will give you a quick activity to do with the puppy that lets them really get their energy out. Sometimes we don’t have time for a 30 min walk but we do have time for 10 mins of playing ball in the backyard. Puppies really need the structure and outside running. You will be much happier with the puppy if he or she gets plenty of outdoor running.

Leash & Basic Training

This is something that all puppies need, so you don’t look like the crazy person at the vet office or store with a dog that doesn’t walk well on a leash or listen. But remember when you start this set very small distance goals. Meaning your goal may be to get the puppy to walk to the neighbors driveway, or 2 houses down, then to the stop sign. The most important thing you can do is have a high value treat in your pocket that the puppy can smell. The treat needs to be very tiny and not take them stopping to chew. Every 3-4 steps give them a treat and keep walking and repeat. I personally use a cut up hot dog or pieces of Turkey. The other important thing to remember is that puppies are like kids and have very short attention spans. So I do training with just me, no kids around and it’s a 1 on 1 training session. If I allow my boys to be around and they are playing basketball or riding bikes the puppy will never pay attention to me. It will be busy wanting to play with kids and not concentrating. These leash or training sessions only need to last 10 mins or so and if you can repeat it 2-3 times a day. You will be amazed at how quickly they catch on and start listening.

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