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Products We Use & Love

People often ask what products Red Barn Bernese use for our puppies. We compile the list here for you.

bernie's perfect poop, prebiotic for puppies

This is a wonderful product that I think all dog owners should have on hand. It’s a great probiotic that firms up poop for your puppies. So it can help from the day you bring home your new puppy, it’s nervous and has soft poop or diarrhea. This stuff is a life saver.


Even with your adult dogs, let’s say you spend a day outside and they chew on a stick or eat a leaf or anything crazy like that, and we all know it happens often! So you can pull this out and sprinkle on their food and it firms their poop right up. 

I use this product daily with every litter as soon as they start eating food! 


Purina Pro Plan Shredded Chicken and Rice 

dog food

This is the type of food that we use and our puppies love.


You can buy this food online at Chewy (which offers free shipping) or other online stores.

This is a wonderful spray to refresh your dog especially on rainy days and in between grooming. They also make a shampoo and conditioner in the same scent.

I think a playpen is a great idea if you are gone a lot throughout the day for work or errands. It gives your puppy some space to move, play and chew on his bones or Kong. At the same time keeps your furniture safe until he is mature enough for you to trust him. You definitely want the 32” in height or 40” if you’re getting a big dog.

A Kong is wonderful to help keep your pup busy. I have a list of great ideas to stuff it with on the Facebook page.

These next few items are great chew items to have on hand for your puppy. Don’t forget to purchase several different things so you can switch it up and keep them occupied. They are rawhide free and completely safe for your pups belly.

The cow hooves last forever and don’t forget you can refill them with peanut butter and freeze them ahead of time if you know you’re going to be gone the next day.

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