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Extra support & training

Puppy Preschool Program

Get your puppy’s off to a great start

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With preschool, the goal is to make your home and getting a new puppy a stress-free, simple, and easy experience

Puppy preschool is a great way to get your puppy’s off to a great start. Of course it’s not always perfect timing for picking up your new puppy because of busy schedules, or possibly a vacation. 


Depending on the length of training you choose we use positive reinforcement to teach basic commands such as “sit,” “down”,”No” and “Off”. 


Succsessful potty training** begins on day one, and is followed by  outside playing and leash training. How polished your puppy’s skills are will vary with the length you choose.

I do have limited spaces available per litter. This is because I know it takes time and one on one individual attention. 

When you’re considering one of our preschool programs it’s very important we have a finalized pick up date before a deposit on puppy preschool will be accepted.


The deposit for a preschool program is $200 to secure your puppies spot. Please do not send a deposit before we talk on the phone and have had the opportunity to review all dates and details. 

Your puppy becomes a family member in our home and rolls with our family routine. We take car rides and do all of the normal things that your puppy needs to adjust to. 

Getting Started

There is no guarantee potty training will be complete with any of the training classes completed. Each puppy matures and learns at different stages. For you to continue training at home is a must.

I will meet with you upon pick up and show you how to continue what we have started. This will definitely help you and your puppy be successful. 

We will send you updates and videos of your puppies training throughout. 


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Puppy Preschool Options

Our 2 week program ($1,100) 

Our main focus is crate training, to help you avoid sleepless nights. 


A firm eating schedule and potty training. We will also start with the puppies “name”, “recall” and “No”

Kick Start

Our 3 week program ($1,600)


We continue crate training and basic commands. We also add in leash training, “sit” and “Down”.


We work on basic in home manners and still have plenty of outdoor play time and naps. Consistency and routine is the key to this program.

Ready for You

our 4 week program ($2,200)


This is a complete routine building program. This is great for busy families that do not have time to do basic training.


We can help you on your way with a great start with your new family member.

I got this


Kerry was amazing, she socialized the puppies with her adorable boys, began teaching the pups to go outside to use the bathroom.

Our first Bernese Mountain dog we purchased from Red Barn Bernese was our precious Gladys. We had no idea what all was needed to begin to care for a BMD. Kerry was amazing, she socialized the puppies with her adorable boys, began teaching the pups to go outside to use the bathroom. Gave them interaction to get them use to toys. Allowed us to call anytime with questions. She is the best breeder we have ever had.

After our Gladys had passed, she had kept her sister Kennedy and she had just had a litter around that time, Bernedoodle puppies. She reached out to let me know they were Gladys’s nieces and nephews. We hadn’t wanted Bernedoodles in the past. But knowing they had a part of our Gladys in them…we ended up getting litter mate sisters. Gertrude and Olive filled our hearts when we were so heartbroken.


I will always go to Red Barn Bernese for a beautiful, sweet fur baby. We are thankful everyday that we have her to bring sweet fur babies into our lives.

Michelle Hall via Google Reviews

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