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Our Mama & Papa Dogs

Our mom and dad dogs are part of our family and very loved. We truly believe that in order to raise happy puppies, they need happy moms and loving homes, too.

Mama Izzy

Izzy, poodle, dog, dog breeder, white dog

A AKC registered small standard poodle, she weighs 38 pounds. Izzy has beautiful mini Bernedoodles that average 40 pounds and below. 

Izzy lives here with our family, she is very intelligent. Her all time favorite things to do are play ball and take car rides.  She is more independent at times but still loves attention and being close to us. 

Mama Carmel

poodle dog, dog, poodle mom, bernedoodle puppies, bernedoodle puppy, brown poodle

A AKC registered small standard poodle that weighs 41 pounds.

Carmel is a total sweetheart, she doesn’t know a stranger. She is very smart and playful but her main goal everyday is just to get loved on, she follows me from room to room all day long.


Carmel produces our Mini Bernedoodles. She is a wonderful mom and produces stunning colors.

Papa Giz

bernese mountain dog, bernese dog breeder, bernese puppy

A AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. He lives with us here at Red Barn Bernese.


He has a really fun, goofy personality. He  soaks up all the air conditioning in the summer and refuses to come inside in the winter. 

Papa Rowan

poodle, dog, dog breeder, black and brown poodle, bernedoodle

Rowan he lives in a wonderful guardian home.


He is a AKC  registered standard poodle. We use Rowan to make beautiful Merle and Tri color standard Bernedoodles.

Mama Bridget

poodle, poodledog, dog breeder, bernedoodle puppy

A AKC small standard poodle that weighs 38 pounds. Bridget truly only cares about playing ball and getting all the belly rubs she can.


She is very sweet, she produces our beautiful mini Bernedoodles in a variety of colors.

Mama Olive

olive bernese mountain dog

A AKC registered Bernese Mt Dog, she is my 3rd generation keeper from a wonderful bloodline of dogs.

Olive loves to soak up the air conditioning all summer long and run and play in the cooler weather. She is beside me all the time. Such a wonderful laid back sweet personality!


She produces AKC registered Bernese Mt Dog puppies and standard size Bernedoodles for our program

Mama Cami

bernese mountain dog, bernese mountain puppy, dog breeder in ohio

Cami is one of our wonderful purebred Bernese Mt Dogs. She is the epitome of a true Berner, sweet, loving, very laid back and cares about nothing except being beside me! 


She produces beautiful Bernese MT Dogs and Standard size Bernedoodles.

Mama Burrow

bernedoodle breeder in ohio, bernedoodle puppy

This is Burrow, she is a F1 Bernedoodle that weighs 65 pounds. She lives in a wonderful guardian home close to us. Her favorite outside activities are frisbee and swimming.


She is super sweet and loves attention. She will be having smaller/ medium Bernedoodles for our program! We are lucky to have her!

Introducing Fancy 

fancy mini bernedoodle, mini bernedoodle, bernedoodle breeder in ohio

She is a Mini Bernedoodle that weighs 40 pounds. She lives in a wonderful guardian home nearby. She is a real social butterfly loves everyone she meets. She has young boys at home to play with and gets to tag along to all of their outdoor sporting events.


Fancy will produce beautiful deep sable and Tri color Mini  Bernedoodles. We are so happy she is part of our program. 

Introducing Riggs

riggs mini bernedoodle, mini bernedoodle, bernedoodle breeder in ohio, bernedoodle puppy

He is our F1 Mini Bernedoodle stud, he lives nearby in a amazing guardian home. He is super lucky to have kids to play ball with.


Riggs gets the zoomies, loves swimming and playing ball. He is always ready to give everyone he meets a big Bernedoodle hug! Riggs will help us produce beautiful Mini Multigenerational Bernedoodles.

Introducing Sayler

sawyer mini bernedoodle, mini bernedoodle, dog breeder in  ohio

Sayler is a future part of our program. She lives in a wonderful guardian home. She is a Merle Mini Bernedoodle.


Sayler loves to play ball and absolutely loves swimming. Her favorite toy is her stuffed alligator. She is very spoiled and well socialized.


The mailman and UPS man bring her treats daily and they are her favorite visitors. Sayler will produce mini Bernedoodle puppies for us in 2024. We are so excited to have her in our program.

Red Barn Bernese is the best in Bernedoodle business!

bernedoodle dogs, happy dogs

Beautiful, well cared for dogs and puppies. Kerry is super responsive, knowledgeable and friendly.


We have two perfect doodles from Red Barn and love them to pieces—smart, goofy, loyal and so loving!

Emma Conley via Google Reviews

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